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Hi guys! I’m a 28 year old Sagittarius born and raised in Arizona. I’m a full time hair stylist, fiancé, and dog mom. I am not a writer, far from it. I let my fingers do the talking half of the time, but I fully enjoy it. I’m a goofball and very sarcastic and it shows in my writing. The more raw the better, right?
Why did I create this site if I’m not a writer? Well, let me tell you. Like I said, I am a hairstylist, full time, which basically means I am a full time artist/therapist/boyfriend/travel agent/relationship counselor/accountant/fashion stylist/and then some. I thought, why not have one place that I can post my how to and where to advice.
So, here it is.

In 2008, I entered the cosmetology world professionally. Prior to that, I had my run with kitchen scissors and Barbies. Not to mention my poor little sister who quickly became my guinea pig to all of my new make up pallets, highlighting & haircutting techniques. Now that I am passed my trial period, I have continued my passion for anything in the beauty category. Skin and hair care are forever my top priorities. It’s my job, through this blog, to educate on the importance of using the proper products and why. Trust me, when you find a good skin and hair regimen, your entire world will change.

You really don’t realize how big this world is until you start traveling. Growing up, my family would take summer trips in an RV. Yellowstone, Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, St. Louis, everything midwest to west USA, I have seen it.
In 2015, my grandparents blessed me with a life changing trip to Europe for close to 4 weeks. WOW! What a culture shock, what a rush. After those 4 weeks traveling through London, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria & France, I couldn’t wait to pack my bags and head to my next adventure…Spain and the next year, Bali.
I have planned some amazing trips. I hope to help my readers learn how to budget, plan, and book their dream vacations. It’s really not as hard or expensive as you’d think.

My family is my whole world. Connor and I were engaged November 2019. We live in our cozy home in North Phoenix with our two dogs (Kona and Kyrie) and cat (Layla). Kona is a rescued Pitbull and Kyrie is our crazy Weimaraner-Spaniel puppy. We spend a lot of time at the lake and with friends, as well as traveling or planning our next adventure. Connor and I are both adventure seekers and love culture, specifically with food.
You’ll see a lot of my boys, food and home projects, as well as, life hacks and budget friendly fashion (hell yes amazon!)

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