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If you missed it on instagram this weekend, WE FOUND A VENUE. After months of searching for the perfect place and getting let down over and over again, due to COVID, it’s officially booked. We are beyond excited and August cannot come any sooner. Now I have even more to do in my free time!

We took a quick road trip to Colorado, where our venue is, so we could check out the town and get things booked. Naturally, I made an adventurous  trip out of it.

From Phoenix to Grand Junction, there are some pretty magical places to see. On our way there, we stopped at Monument Valley. The actual park is currently closed but, you can drive down the 163 through the Arizona and Utah border for the best views. Don’t forget to stop at mile marker 13 and take a picture of the iconic Forrest Gump running scene. You’ll get the most amazing view of the rock formations.



We also stopped at the Utah State sign because well, this view. I don’t usually stop at the signs because I don’t like being a basic traveller. But, this one was worth it.


Another hidden gem on the way is Mexican Hat. You have to use the creative part of your brain to see it. It’s an upside down Sombrero, do you see it?


On the way back, we stopped in Moab. Man I could spend a whole week there. There’s so much to do. Rock crawling, hiking, waterfalls, Can-Am trails, and so much outdoor stuff! We were limited to just a couple of hours so we planned on seeing Arches National Park. (Must see) However, the park was completely full so, we had to change our plans. I literally searched trailheads near me and went to the closest one to Arches. We stumbled upon the Grandstaff Canyon Trail. It’s a 2.2 mile hike both ways. We had no idea what we were headed to, we were just ready to be out of the car and get some exercise. The hike was pretty easy. There are a few spots where your athleticism has to kick in to cross the creek and climb over a few boulders. Very kid and dog friendly as long as you don’t mind them getting a little wet. At the end, we came up to Morning Glory Natural Bridge. Holy crap is this place beautiful. It really made up for Arches being closed.

We then stopped at Zax for a bite to eat and a locally tapped root beer. Much needed calories after a 5 mile hike.

Our final stop, before the long stretch of our trip home, was the quirky “Hole n” the Rock“. Guys, it’s the weirdest yet coolest place you’ll ever see. Basically, a man, Albert, built a diner and then eventually a house into a large rock. It’s so interesting to see and the owners have done such an incredible job at preserving everything inside, down to the knick-knacks. It’s a place we always stopped at when I was a kid so, as you would expect, I had to make Connor experience it.

It’s so important to see the natural beauty this world has to offer. I’ve always been an “outside kid” and this is why. I’m so happy I am able to share these amazing places with the love of my life so, in the future, we can share our experiences with our kids.

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