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Hey guys! Long time no talk! It’s been a busy passed couple of months but I’m back and back on a routine. I’m currently recovering from yesterday food poisoning. Just Door Dashed some Pho and I’m taking it REALLY easy.

We’ve spent the last month doing a lot of traveling. With Covid going on, we aren’t able to go on our annual out of country trip so, we’ve found a way to explore here in the USA! My mom and I took a road trip to North Dakota for a cousin’s wedding. We spent some time in Colorado, Wyoming, & South Dakota. Then, a couple weeks after that, I had some work in Montana that Connor was able to tag along to. So, we made our way through Yellowstone and Teton National Parks…but that’s going to be a whole other blog post.

This post, we’re talking about preparing for a road trip. With a lot of people not comfortable or able to fly, we’re forced to hit the road. Flying is so easy, we pack the necessary clothes and products to last us a few days. Maybe headphones and a book for the flight. All you have to map out is the area you’re flying into. Road trips are a lot more effort but, so much more fun.

Map it Out

First off, before you even start planning, LEARN HOW TO READ A MAP! Don’t just focus on where Siri tells you to go because sometimes she’s wrong, and you might find yourself without service in some spots. Sorry Siri but you send me to some weird locations. Start by finding your target destination. Then, decide how many days you want to be on the road, and how many days you want to stay in that location. Now, the fun of planning begins. Once you figure out what route you want to take, research the towns you’ll be passing through. One tip I use is instagram. I look up the town page or hashtag, if there is one, and scroll through the pictures to see if anything catches my eye. Another tip, don’t plan too much. Leave some time for exploring. You’ll find places you’ll want to stop at along the way, trust me. But, plan out the things you need tickets to or need to plan ahead. Book your hotels beforehand. I used to just drive and then wherever I end up I stayed, until there were events in that town and everything was booked or I ended up in a ritzy area that is well over budget. Now I try to plan ahead.


Which gets me to my next tip, make a budget. Remember you’re paying for gas, food, hotels/campsites, and fun for each day you’re on the road. I always try to find hotels that offer free breakfast. It’s one less cost and who doesn’t love free food? Best Western hotels are always a great price and usually have free breakfast. They’re always really clean too! 

Pack a Cooler

The best way to cut costs on a road trip is packing snacks, easy meals, drinks, and alcohol. I try to eat as healthy as I can on the road and save the splurges for restaurants. Here’s my list of foods that travel well and keep you on track:
Whitesmoke Illustrated Assorted Fruits Grocery ListOf course I do love to have some sweet snacks just in case I have a sweet craving. I love to make puppy chow on trips. It’s messy so make sure you have napkins.
Pastel Handwritten General Recipe Card


Make a playlist of you and your road trip buddies’ favorite songs. That way you have a good mix that fits everyone’s taste. If you’re on an extra long trip, music tends to get boring. I like to find a good podcast that everyone will enjoy. A couple of my favorites are My Favorite Murder and Criminal. I also bring a book or two. Just in case.


I can’t sit here and tell you how to pack light because I always do the complete opposite. I bring enough underwear just incase I pee my pants 6 times a day. LOL. Just kidding but seriously, I WAYYYY overpack every time. I like having options. I am also always taking pictures so I try to bring things that are cute but great for traveling. I pack a lot of outfits but, I try to pick articles that are lightweight. (This also varies on what climate you are traveling to) For my road trip this month (August), I knew we would have a chilly night or two so, I packed a couple pairs of jeans and one sweatshirt. You can throw a sweater over anything so I didn’t worry about bringing too many warm clothes. I also knew I would be hiking so, I brought a few of my favorite work out outfits as well as two pairs of  sneakers, including one I didn’t mind getting dirty. I always pack a few comfy, cute, light dresses for photo ops or for the days I just want to look cute. Think about comfortable when road tripping. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a car all day in jean shorts.
I also pack my entire skin/hair care routine. I get travel sizes of everything I can find. The last thing I want is to switch up my routine and have breakouts on vacation. NO THANKS!
My packing must haves: (click photo to shop)
Road trip must haves


Like I stated in the beginning, leave time to explore places on the side of the road. There are so many hidden gems you’ll come across. Waterfalls, landmarks, animals, sacred ruins; the list is endless. That’s what is so exciting about road trips, you can discover something that is exciting to you, that not everyone you know has seen. Whether it’s a hike, or rock formation, the world is yours to uncover.

Where do you want to road trip to? Let me know in the comments!

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