Father’s Day

Every year Father’s Day rolls around and I’m stuck trying to figure out what to get my dad. Dads always have everything they could possibly want! If your dad is anything like mine, he just wants to see everyone else happy. He’ll give up an arm and a leg just to make sure my sister and I are taken care of. So, how do you reciprocate? How do you give the guy who deserves it all, the best gift? I try to pay attention year round. Dads are very simple. Even though they deserve the world, they really just want that cool little $10 gadget. What the heck?! I listen to the times he says, “that thing is really cool” or “I really need a new cologne.” I also think of items that are “dad life hacks.” If your dad isn’t very techy, find something that makes it easier on him. Like a phone pen that helps him touch the screen better. Or, a universal remote that controls the tv, lights, and fans. Dads love that shit!
I have put a list together of things I know my dad would love. Simple gifts for every dad, at all different price pricepoints.

father's day

Dads will wear the same damn t-shirt and shoes for 20 years. That’s where we need to come in and keep them up to date on styles and looking good. I always try to get my dad outfits that won’t go out of style. Flannels, Lululemon joggers, black shoes (because you know he’ll go work on the car in white shoes if he has the option), and graphic t-shirts. A comfortable and stylish sandal is a great choice too. We’re in Arizona so, my dad wears sandals year round. I love the Rainbow brand because they wear so well and last FOREVER. (click images for direct link)


Man Crates
Ok, I’m about to tell you my little secret for man gifts. Well, I gave it away in the title but anyway, mancrates.com is a heaven sent for finding the perfect gift for guys. Their concept is so awesome. They have everything from beef jerky bouquets, ammo cans filled with man shit, and wooden crates that you physically have to destroy to open. It doesn’t get more manly than that. A couple Christmas’ ago, I bought my dad a Patriots football crate. It came with a little crowbar to help him open the wooden crate. I think it took him 10 minutes and a little bit of his soul to finally get that thing open. Once he was finally inside, it was filled with Patriots pint glasses, coasters, bottle opener, and a bunch of snacks. It was well worth the $100 and such a unique gift.
One of my other favorites from their website is the do-it-yourself, personalized corn hole. I love this idea for the handyman dad who would rather build something, instead of buying it. Maybe help them make it, or just pass over beers. “Moral support.”
These are my top favorites from their website. (Click images for direct link)

DIY Personalized Cornhole


NFL Barware Crate









Smoke Grill Crate


Exotic Jerky Tool Box









Simple & under $100
I love giving simple yet, useful gifts. Coffee mugs are always a great gift, especially if they’re humorous. They’re cheap, practical, and can be personalized. Cologne is another easy gift that dads always love. Same as clothing, dads will wear the same cologne for 20 years unless we get them out of their box. A pocket knife is a staple for men. The one linked below can be personalized with their name. Another super simple gift I found is this grilling mat. My dad loves to grill and the grilling mat is perfect because he can do meat on one side of the grill and use the mat for smaller foods like veggies or shrimp. My final gift idea for Father’s Day, I actually bought for Connor and I. It’s an all in one charging station for Apple products. It holds an iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, and an Apple Pen. Such a cool device and you don’t need 500 cords anymore. Just one cord to the docking station and that’s it. We’ve been loving it. It looks so clean and organized.


I hope this was helpful as you struggle to find that perfect gift for you dad. We love our dads, they spoil the crap out of us, its about time we spoil them. Comment below with your favorite dad gifts. I would love to read what your dads are in to.



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