Memorial Day Necessities

Holy crap, it’s May! Where’d the year go? I feel like I just took my Christmas decorations down. A lot of states are lifting their “Stay at Home” orders. How are you all feeling about it? I’ve been back in the salon for a week now, and I still don’t feel adapted yet. Connor and I went to breakfast this morning. Yes, at an actual restaurant. There was hardly anyone there, but it still felt very weird. They had sanitizer at the door, the servers were all wearing masks, and they told us to take a picture of the menu, instead of handing everyone menus. Pretty genius, I didn’t even think about the menus. Think about all of the menus we’ve touched in the passed that have been passed around from person to person. GROSS. I swear, I’m slowly becoming a germaphobe through this pandemic.

This week has been pretty incredible. I have to thank every one of you for the massive amount of support. I started this extremely scary journey a couple weeks ago, and I have been feeling nothing but love. It’s a really weird feeling starting a blog, youtube, and trying to build content on instagram. It’s very uncomfortable being in front of the camera talking to people that you don’t know if they even care to listen. I felt a little self-conscious starting off. I didn’t want to get made fun of by my friends, or my family to think I’m scraping pennies. Rest assured I’m not broke, just feeling a lack of creativity and challenge lately. Fortunately, through all of my insecurities, the feedback from everyone, friends and family, has been nothing but positivity and excitement. Which, makes me even more stoked to create more content for you all. I’m always looking for suggestions so, if you have any questions please dm, email, comment and just let me know.

Memorial Day is approaching us soon. With he “Stay at Home” order lifted in Arizona, I have a feeling it’s going to be nuts here. What are your plans for the holiday? Do you have any traditions or foods you always make? I’d love to read about them if you comment below. We will probably be heading out to the lake to boat, drink, eat, and SOCIALIZE. Our new boat is named “Social Distancing.” Isn’t that just so fitting? Or is it too soon? (haha)
I’ve put together a “Must-Haves” for Memorial Day 2020. Especially for those who are planning a lake or pool day.
Photos are clickable to buy directly.

Let’s start with the outfit. I’m all about comfy, cute, but extra. These skirts are so light and airy (I also linked a similar midi skirt if you’re not a fan of the short skirts). With the ruffled t-shirt tied into a crop, it’s easy and super stylish. These Steve Madden shoes are so cute and so comfy. They give you that extra dressy look without overdoing it. (Also linked flat sandals) The tote is a great accessory that serves a purpose. It’s jute and canvas so it dries really quick. Which is so perfect for a pool party or lake day to throw your wet suit in. These sunglasses…omg these sunglasses. I’ve been wearing them all over my stories. So, they might look familiar. And, the best part, they’re $15. Ballin on a budget y’all!
All of these are amazon finds, click images to buy directly.

Let’s talk lake & pool parties. Both of these suits are amazing! Snake skin is so in this year guys! I’m loving the high waisted yet, cheeky 2 pieces these days. They make your body look so good and holds in the right places. The one piece I like to wear when I’m feeling a little more bloated. It’s sexy enough where you don’t feel frumpy but, keeps everything looking flawless. It comes in 21 different colors! My girlfriend has the olive green one and omg its to die for. I had to throw in this floaty because well, why not, it’s so stinking cute! I mean come on, a watermelon floaty for Memorial Day, it just makes sense. And it’s under $30 and 72 inches. You can fit like 3 people on it.
These are all also on from Amazon. So, click the images to buy directly.

Last, but not least, products. You all know by now I’m a sucker for products. ( I think I say that in every post) Listen, you all need to protect your beautiful skin. We ain’t getting any younger! (Botox does help though!) I’ve linked, down below, a Neutrogena SPF mist for your face, a Sun Bum SPF 30 for your body (it smells delish), and my favorite lip gloss. It has a sheer rose tint to it and SPF 15, yes your lips are skin that needs to be protected! Finally…*drumroll* SELF TANNER! Did you twitch a little bit. How many of you have had a bad experience with self tan? I think the majority of us have. I used to work at a tanning salon, where I did spray tans, so I have learned quite a lot about perfecting the self tan. Bali Body is by far the best one I have used and seen. It’s a violet-based mousse so, you don’t get orange or streaky. I also linked an applicator mitt, because you’ll need one of those too. You cannot show up to a party looking pasty!

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