Budget Friendly Skin & Hair Care

Let’s face it. Taking care of ourselves, properly, is expensive AF! I’m a huge sucker for products and my bank account LOVES it (joking). Most drug store products are crap. A lot of them have chemicals that are so terrible for us. I’ve found some dupes of products that I love, that won’t break the bank.

For less than $20, you can have the best MoroccanOil repair dupes. Repairing and hydrating!

Split end mender and leave in conditioner. Keeps the hair hydrated! Use on wet hair, mids to ends.

This dry shampoo is always top of the charts. Spray on roots and massage in for an instant “just washed” look.

Cetaphil has been around since I was in junior high. I remember my dermatologist recommending it to me to help with teenage acne. It’s a gentle cleanser great for anyone from oily to combination/normal skin.

You’ll forever hear me talk about witch hazel and rose water for the skin. Helps with hydration and balancing. Great natural product for inflammation!

Peels are great to do on the weekends. Helps with cellular turnover, which basically means shedding off old cells and producing new cells (your science lesson for the day, you’re welcome). Helps with aging and dull looking skin. Use during the night and wake up with brighter skin!

I haven’t personally bought this, YET! But, I have heard incredible things about it. It’s a very light, yet very hydrating moisturizer. Great for night time or under make up.

And finally, my favorite product/device. I will forever rave about these steamers. Pores clogged, steam. Want to help your products penetrate the skin deeper, steam. Stuffy nose, steam. Sore throat, steam. Just got dumped by your boyfriend/girlfriend, STEAM! This thing solves all of my problems. You can’t overdue it. However, be careful with lash extensions. Don’t use too often if you have them.

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