Bistro Set

We’ve been doing a lot of decorating and renovations in our home the last few weeks. I was having a hard time decorating this small little area. Scrolling countless hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect pieces. Then, I found this bad boy on WALMART! Guys! I was just as shocked as you. I ordered it with the intentions that I was going to have to send it back, but, it turned out to be a really great piece and an amazing price. Then, trying to find rugs. OMG. Things you don’t know, until you’re and adult, cost an arm and a leg. I’m always trying to find cute items for a discount, and I nailed it with these pieces. The Jute rug I found on Amazon. Praise the Lord for Amazon, right!? The accent rug was found on Rugs USA.
Everything is linked below for you. Click images to buy directly.

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