Day 1

Oh man, today is the day I launch this website! I have been tiptoeing around this idea, in my mind, for about two years. I’m sure Connor is sick of me saying, “Babe, I think I want to start a blog, and a YouTube channel” every few months or so. But, here it is, and here’s my first ever post.
We’re a little over a month, since the Coronavirus took our freedom away. Let me tell you, I was not going to let this time go to waste. Hence, this blog coming into full bloom! Besides that, Connor and I have been finally making our house a home. We moved into our home in August 2018 and I swear I have like 3 things on my walls. Buttttt, thanks to quarantine, I have purchased so much furniture, we finished our bathroom remodel, replaced the front door, COMPLETELY redid the backyard, and planted so many flowers. It has been so nice getting things done around the house that we have been wanting to finish, but never had the time.

Is anyone else becoming a Susie Homemaker? Shit, I didn’t even know I liked cooking as much as I do. I took it upon myself to learn how to make some of my favorite dishes. If I can’t go to my top restaurants to get my favorite food, then I’ll just take matters into my own hands. So, bolognese, lasagna, and enchiladas happened! I swear, thank God for Pinterest. Every single thing I made, we (Connor and I) both went back for seconds and thirds. Why can’t I crave salads and grilled chicken, I have to crave the yummy foods that are packed with calories, carbs, and so much cheese. Calories don’t count during quarantine, is what they say, right?

Of course I linked these recipes for you šŸ˜‰

It’s a bizarre time for everyone right now. The entire world has changed. Do you realize we are living in history. Our younger generations will be learning about 2020 in textbooks.
In the midst of the negativity, try to find as much positivity as possible. Find a new hobby, puzzles, baking, gardening. Or, remember when you used to run and hike, and how amazing it felt. Remember when you took that yoga class and you felt a rush of peace. There are so many FREE platforms for health and fitness to keep you moving. We need to get off of our asses and keep the positive energy flowing. Yes, you should definitely spend a day binge watching that Netflix show, I mean come on we’re still human. However, spend the rest of your week outside, by the pool, or just taking a walk outside. If you’re sitting bored all day and you’re depressed or your anxiety has sky rocketed, change your routine around, do something new to stimulate your mind and body. It’s amazing the new things that you will discover! I have been sitting outside reading almost everyday and holy crap, the amount of butterflies and hummingbirds that flutter around my backyard is astonishing. Maybe I’ll buy a hummingbird feeder…hmmmm.
If you’re feeling anxious at home and need something to uplift you, write some handwritten letters to friends and family or plant something. Seriously, watching something grow is such an incredible feeling!
We can do it guys. You are not alone in this. The entire world is taking a hit from this pandemic. Spread the love, stay busy, and stay healthy!

Grow a damn plant!!

Here is an instagrammer I have been following for at home work outs! Her work outs burn, but are great for all levels!

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